Dr. Serena Mazzola


Hi, I’m Dr. Serena Mazzola, a clinical psychologist with two decades of experience helping others learn to live an authentically happy life.  As a mama of two kiddos, two cats, and two dogs, I understand how complicated life can get, but I also know that life is a gift that we can absolutely learn to enjoy.  That’s why I’ve founded two clinics and created two courses (so far) to show you it’s possible to love your life.

My Online Courses

 CBT with a Twist

Cognitive behavioral therapy online course

Oxygen Mask: A Practical Approach to Parenting

Introduction Video 

Bloom: Falling in Love with Your ADHD Child

(Coming Soon)

My Clinic

Serving East Bay area families since 2014.

Love the Journey

My philosophy is centered around the fact that there is no dress rehearsal in life.  This is the main act!  The truth is that by leaning in with love we can help you embrace authenticity, conquer mediocrity, and truly love this journey called life.

My Mission

Together, we build resilience, incite change, and fall deeply in love with our wonderful lives.

My Approach

Your Outcome

My Talks

Resilience. Innovation. Positive Intention.

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